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The Happiness Paradox

By: Jeppe van der Lee

On: 11/05/2024

"Happiness is paradoxically enough a result of a constant exposure to struggle and strain"

Birch tree CSI

By: Sezer Olivia Kaya

On: 06/04/2024

We can expect nearly 100% mortality of European birch if the bronze birch borer is introduced in Sweden

The Vital Role of Sports in Children's Health

By: Alexander Palhoto

On: 22/02/2024

De-extinction Article Image
In an era where screens often dominate leisure time, encouraging kids to participate in sports is more important than ever

Bright Thinking

By: Jeppe van der Lee

On: 25/01/2024

De-extinction Article Image
One can drastically change their reality by switching their focus from the common narrative.

Renewable Energy Sources

By: Bekir Caner Yagci

On: 11/01/2024

De-extinction Article Image
Therefore, electrification of the industry is one of the key solutions to substantially contribute to a CO2 neutral energy system.
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